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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/26/2014 8:52:09 PM
Homemade helium mining suck import prices look at the face of helium

Human development cannot do without energy and various resources, helium as scarce resources and rare controllable clean nuclear fusion energy, prices have been high. At present our country basic rely on imports of imports of helium, helium prices basically depends on foreign suppliers and international helium market, not many of their right to speak for the helium price.

The price of imported helium

Helium gas resources in our country the general distribution of petroliferous basins in the Eastern Zone on both sides of the Tan Lu fault in the Cretaceous and middle oil-bearing formation in northern Songliao Basin in Saertu oil layer, lower part of the oil and the combination of Fuyu and Yangdachengzi oil layers, and Denglouku formation of gas reservoirs and the Jurassic gas containing combination deep in. A large number of oil and gas reservoirs in these areas, the oil and gas contains large amounts of helium but also contain carbon dioxide gas and nitrogen gas. These large petroliferous basin is the main oil production and oil and gas source in china. Although resource of our country oil gas reservoir is not small, but the means and the corresponding equipment technology Mining Co., the development of crude helium resources to large-scale autonomous, so still rely on imports of helium helium supply, import price control rights never in your own hands. Once in the previous year by international chaoshou speculation, prices rose several times, money to buy goods!

In fact, in the Jiyang Bohai Bay basin depression in Huagou area, scientists detected the region on third series of Minghuazhen Formation has hydrocarbon gas reservoir and high purity carbon dioxide gas reservoir, and helium rich non hydrocarbon reservoir. Among them, the helium content to spend 501 wells in gas reservoirs is up to 2.08% ~ 3.08%, far higher than the mining industry standard. Maybe a friend unknown amount of helium 2%-3% is what meaning, small make up here to tell you as long as the gas reservoir of helium content to have around 0.5% with a large number of commercial exploitation value, so the content of 3% has been very impressive. If the helium gas resources can a lot of development in the region, so we don't have to see foreigners face, hope to reduce the price of imported helium!

In addition, the analysis of oil and gas exploration in northern Songliao basin shows that the helium content is 0.102% ~ 0.404%, individual wells high helium content, such as Wang 9-12 wells helium content reaches 2.104%; gas reservoir burial depth range of 589.6 meters to 3630 meters. And the helium resources in the central Sichuan area mainly concentrated in the Sichuan basin, southern Ardos basin of Weihe graben. Sichuan Weiyuan gas field big we all know, it is our country the first and only homemade helium origin. However, due to gas reservoir with low content and technical means backward, industrial production of helium gas yield is very low, in recent years has been almost idle. Want to import the helium price customization, China still has a long way to go.

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