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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/23/2014 7:41:18 PM
Balloon explosion risks seizes the girls life helium safer

Walking in the high streets and back lanes in Jiangcheng, a beautiful beach, crowds, amusement parks, Street Plaza, only one other interesting colorful grey wolf, SpongeBob SquarePants, radiant and so on the balloon can always attract the children's attention. As long as the children ask, most parents don't mind took out ten dollars to buy for children to play. But you have to know, these more than ten dollars gadgets dangerous like bombs, hydrogen balloon explosion minutes to life!

Hydrogen helium balloon explosion, more safety

Many parents are not safety consciousness, don't know on the market are mostly hydrogen balloon balloon, but do not know the balloon explosion can be very dangerous! There have a one year old baby girl in Henan Province, because the house hydrogen balloon when the child is father accidentally eject cigarette butts, instant Balloon Bombs on the spot change, baby body caught fire, fortunately sent to hospital in time, but the doctor said that the children though not life-threatening, but systemic severe burns, the future life difficult. Balloon explosion is really dangerous!

Television test hydrogen balloon explosion is not inferior to the bomb

Cigarette ends meet the balloon, insurance! From the programs of CCTV display, in order to verify the effect of different size of balloon combustion, test first on the street common animal shaped balloon were tested with a cigarette, fire etc.. We all know that outdoor occasions of celebration or large holiday inevitably someone will smoke, if this time Yantou met celebration with hydrogen balloon will have what reaction? Tests to find a two meter diameter balloon, poured into the hydrogen, and placed in a plastic model in the next scene simulation of the deflation of the balloon. Wearing test heavy fire service using a long rod to ignite the balloon, something amazing happened. Balloon explosion is very fast, the flame ejected toward lighter, its whole enveloped in flames, shock wave will test a few meters away down to the ground.

Although the country has repeatedly stressed that not to use hydrogen inflated ball, but some unscrupulous vendors in order to save costs, risk. Then a reporter interviewed the street selling balloons vendors, when a reporter asked about the balloon explosion will endanger the life, why not use helium when a sold Balloons 5 years middle-aged man replied "close to one hydrogen tank high around the most beginning is 300 yuan a can, is now 380 yuan a can, as large as helium gas cans to 1000 yuan, so we are filled with hydrogen." In fact, according to the provisions of the state, the helium filled balloon is the most secure, but in order to save money, the balloon dealers had conscience to make money. If the purchase of these balloons ignorance of the children the unfortunate event of someone smoking around, may at any time of danger!

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