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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/20/2014 7:49:33 PM
Helium and oxygen mixed together can be used?

Oxygen is indispensable to the survival of all things, left oxygen either plant or animal could survive. Helium is a noble gas and less content, Cenozoic, the exploitation is very difficult, however, uses a wide range of demand, so often a helium is hard to find "". Like to focus on chemical friends may notice often have customers to new Reed special gas consultation and order helium oxygen mixture matters, helium and oxygen can be mixed together with? Helium and oxygen is how to coexist?

Helium and oxygen

Helium and oxygen what in common? In fact, the earliest helium and oxygen appeared together, is suitable for deep-sea diving operations, at that time the use of helium oxygen mixture in order to reduce and prevent the occurrence of disease, diving decompression sickness. But later people found that the use of helium oxygen mixture and improve gas exchange, therefore, helium and oxygen is more and more important in modern medicine, cannot do without helium and oxygen.

Why helium and oxygen can be used for diving and health? Non combustible colorless and odorless inert helium gas is a kind of normal temperature and pressure, and very difficult to liquefaction, but indeed the highest one of the effect of liquid helium refrigerant. Because of the very low density of helium and helium in the same condition, the flow rate is 2.68 times the air, according to the physical characteristics of helium can effectively reduce breathing resistance, reduce the breathing difficulties. While the oxygen need not say, oxygen is a necessary condition for cell respiration, high pressure oxygen can the treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. It is precisely because of these characteristics, helium and oxygen can be widely used in medicine.

Of course, helium and oxygen and some other biochemical mechanism. People in the past simply the helium as the inert gas, but through the late study of human discovery of helium oxygen mixture on the prevention of cardiac and cerebral ischemia has certain effect. Through the experiment of medical experts found that helium oxygen mixture can improve breathing, increased alveolar, reduce inflammation. According to these characteristics, helium and oxygen is more and more in clinical medicine. In addition to helium oxygen mixture as the driving source materialized inhalation drug in the treatment of chronic lung disease are also common means.

Although the body oxygen is inseparable from the material, but too much oxygen can lead to oxygen poisoning. In the sea more than 60 meters I only if the diver is only absorbing oxygen can lead to oxygen poisoning, a moment away diving life. To avoid this, people will be using a mixture of helium and oxygen, helium oxygen mixture has the characteristics of low density of anesthesia, small compression. Trained professionals can carry helium oxygen mixture diving to more than 100M position, concentration and to adjust the proportion of helium and oxygen cylinders according

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