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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/19/2014 8:43:03 PM
Six fluoride sulfur micro water exceed the standard is how one and the same?

As the most widely used range of gas insulated, six sulfur fluoride by many industries and equipment "love". The mention of SF6 gas, people love and hate it. Because of the good performance of arc extinguishing so people love it. And because it is very easy to cause the greenhouse effect and six sulfur fluoride micro water exceed the standard will be a lot of trouble, so people hate it. There are a lot of discussion about the six sulfur fluoride micro water exceed the standard, there are also many customers call consulting new Reed special gas personnel related issues, for the six sulfur fluoride micro water exceed the standard, how do we identify, how to prevent it, how to solve? Today Xiaobian new Reed special gas every month and you talk about six sulfur fluoride micro water exceed the standard thing.

Six fluoride sulfur micro water exceed the standard

Any gas at the factory, will carry out random testing in accordance with national standards set, to ensure the purity of the product is qualified, after impurities do not exceed the standard can flow into the market supply customers to use. One important reason for the six sulfur fluoride micro water exceed the standard is the SF6 products in the factory is not up to the standard of purity. SF6 gas in the factory, also can undertake six fluoride sulfur purity testing, the requirements of the national domestic gas is shall comply with the requirements of GB12022-89 standard. For imported SF6 gas, is required to IEC376 standards. If the manufacturer is the transport, storage is not standard for new gas detection strict or not, will cause the six sulfur fluoride micro water exceed the standard. Of course, if the storage time is too long, the gas originally qualified into six sulfur fluoride micro water exceeded the defective products is also possible when.

Many factors influence to the gas purity, the cylinder itself quality and processing method and operation skill is the leading cause of six sulfur fluoride may cause excessive water content. Operator behaviour is not standardized, in to the equipment will not be irrigated SF6 gas cylinders placed upside down, long operation time cause the moisture in the air to enter or pipeline interface of moisture are the reasons leading to six sulfur fluoride micro water standard.

Of course, in the maintenance of the circuit breaker, the equipment after dismantling and air contact time is too long, insulations have not been fully dry lead to damp. The activated adsorbent time too short when installing the inhalation of water. Circuit breaker internal gas pressure than the outside water pressure than the outside the high, low, if the seal failure will not lead to the outside moisture permeability. Connector, circuit breaker charging port, flange and other parts have the leakage points will cause water to enter into the equipment. These are potential factors causing six sulfur fluoride micro water standard.

To avoid and reduce the six sulfur fluoride micro water standard, can refer to the following:

1 in order to ensure the new SF6 gas gas quality and purity, micro water test before filling the circuit breaker, and to comply with the quality standard of SF6 gas of our country in the new gas.

2.F6 gas cylinders should be stored in the sun, moisture and well ventilated place, not close to the heat source and oil in place, it is strictly forbidden to have water and oil viscosity in valve.

3 buy SF6 new gas, should check the quality certificate of manufacturer, its content should include: the manufacturer name, product name, the cylinder number, production date, net weight, inspection report. From six the sulfur hexafluoride gas security manufacturers can rest assured to buy.

4 for insulations in the factory should be dry processing, insulations unassembled should be stored in dry nitrogen environment.

5 buy seal qualified, ensure good sealing effect, reduce the leakage and moisture permeability.

6 regular detection of SF6 micro water content, reduce the risk of excessive water content of six sulfur fluoride.

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