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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/26/2014 9:07:00 PM
Britain is now the first car powered buses Renfen a viable fuel tank 305 km

Time for 19 days, a beautiful 40 seat ecological bus (Bio-Bus) from Bristol airport to the UK, 32 km away from the bath. The body drawing pattern is very special, is 5 people sitting on the toilet is convenient. The original power of the bus, the methane generated from human feces, 5 people a year manure methane generated by the fuel tank filled with CAN bus, it's running 305 kilometers. This is the first British car to human feces as ecological bus fuel. The production of biogas British energy companies GENeco director Mohamed Sadiq said, the bus just on the road of the biogas might have the passenger car "contribution".

According to the British "Daily Mail" said, on the bus to 40 people each year manure to produce fuel, can be used for Bio-Bus from England southwest of Lanz angle to Scotland land at the north end of the John O'Groats, and fewer emissions than diesel. "With methane as the fuel of the car will play an important role in improving air quality British city, and prove that the value of human feces. But Bio-Bus took a step forward, it actually to the locals even passengers feces as power." GENeco company director Mohamed Sidiqi said.

The British ecological environmental protection organization of anaerobic digestion and Biological Resources Association (ADBA) executive director Charlotte Morton said: "Bio-Bus has demonstrated that human feces and we discarded food are all valuable resources. Not suitable for human consumption of food should be separately collected, through anaerobic digestion, recovery has become environmental protection gas and biochemical fertilizer, and should not be thrown into a landfill or incineration." It is reported that GENeco has been in the country through the acquisition of points, gas gathering human excrement directly from the 8300 households produce.

According to another report, recently, scientists in Britain and the United States are using fecal bacteria in can battery as model organisms, mobile phones, tablet computers and other electronic products to provide a stable and durable power source.

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