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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/26/2014 1:38:46 AM
Carefully to nitrogen "delay scheduling"

Beginning in November 9th, Zi Rubio Si gas company a set of air separation plant shutdowns, bring certain influence to Qilu Petrochemical Industries Co nitrogen supply and use, and in the meantime Qilu polypropylene, high density polyethylene two units planned parking related construction and processing plant nitrogen use, bring the "large amount and for a relative reduction in the volume" such contradictions and problems.

The coincidence of the plant nitrogen amount of two sets of devices at the same time parking reached a daily use low pressure nitrogen nitrogen peak, highest amount per hour more than 1 cubic meters. The increase of the content of the high pressure nitrogen tank pressure sharply declined sharply, to close to 2.2 MPa from 2.9 MPa to decline, and the low pressure nitrogen pressure from 0.75 MPa to 0.5 MPa near.

In the nitrogen system pressure fluctuations, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand situation, to ensure that the polyethylene pressure in the transport device used in the production of nitrogen, to avoid unplanned downtime, and make the maintenance polypropylene device for nitrogen protection, plastic factory production management, dispatch personnel to actively use their brains to find ways, three flexible measures to deal with: timely report the company is good coordination of nitrogen resource allocation according to the situation, to ease the tense situation of nitrogen; two is the scheduling of each device for fine control of production, as far as possible to save with nitrogen, implement the production section of nitrogen measures; three is the communication water air compression station to further adjust the running load of nitrogen compressor, to achieve the scientific allocation and use of nitrogen to further improve the.

Through a series of arrangement and adjustment, low pressure nitrogen and high pressure nitrogen system of the factory to get stable, and gradually picked up, avoid the nitrogen transport device may occur in non scheduled shutdown, also ensures the device overhaul by nitrogen make parking surrender and change bed work smoothly.

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