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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/26/2014 8:52:40 PM
SF6 become a thing of the past? All barons choose SF6 gas replacement!

Six SF is a greenhouse gas as everyone knows is the important part of the power industry and gas industry manufacturing indispensable. However, after mankind entered the twenty-first Century is facing serious environmental problems, in order to reduce the greenhouse effect, slow down the poles melting glaciers speed, all walks of life have to find new material development which can replace SF6 gas!

SF6 gas replacement

Mobile phone also to environmental protection, LG announced that SF6 gas is no longer used in the production process!

Mobile phone as a necessity for people to carry, in its environmental aspects of the review very strict. Special parts materials become the most concern. When using the six sulfur fluoride traditional casting magnesium material will be the production of greenhouse gases, and if make substitute material environmental protection magnesium, almost does not produce six fluoride sulfur. LG announced in 2010, the new alloy to replace all traditional magnesium uses the handset product for the environmental protection of magnesium, became the first manufacturer to solve this problem. Shen Wenfan of president of LG Electronics China said, LG will continue to deepen the links of the product requirements of environmental protection, expand enterprise environmental protection influence, the courage to act as the leader in the construction of sustainable development of Chinese enterprises, how the enterprise bear the social responsibility to explore new ideas.

ABB smart power technology assisted China Power Grid upgrade, the elimination of SF6 gas products is just around the corner!

In the second session of the "ABB power world" exhibition activities, executive Shi Bifu, the leading power and automation technology group ABB chief said intelligent technology of green and efficient is to promote an important driving force for economic upgrading and adjustment of energy structure transformation in China, ABB has been in the clean energy grid, UHV transmission, distributed generation, and intelligent substation electric vehicle charging and other fields to realize the change of major technology. The new products on display in the "power of world", insulating gas instead of the traditional Safe Air environmental protection type gas in gas insulated ring network cabinet uses green six sulfur hexafluoride, throughout its life cycle can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50%, greatly reducing the impact on the environment. The new generation of ELK-4 type 800000 kV gas insulated metal enclosed switchgear for ultra high voltage AC transmission and UHVDC converter station, have the same rank products is currently the highest level of insulation and breaking performance; in addition, the product also reduces the amount of greenhouse gases and the possibility of leakage, helps to reduce the impact on the environment.

At present electric power systems around the world are variable big, use of clean and renewable energy in the energy structure is the trend of the times, the use of renewable energy is expected by 2035 will reach 40%. Long term since SF6 gas for its excellent arcing ability and insulation performance and face market, but with the need of the needs of environmental protection and sustainable development, reduce and reasonable use of SF6 gas is also the main direction!

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