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Customer Testimonials
Post time: 11/19/2014 8:47:48 PM
The helium filled balloons are filled Beware of hydrogen into a "bomb"

Chinese New Year is approaching, the festive atmosphere gradually strong, streets and lanes hawkers hydrogen balloon floating vendors up. Hydrogen balloon exploded wounding events are often found in newspapers, hydrogen balloon explosion really so easy? Many migrant hawker selling balloons, filled are hydrogen? The Department responsible for supervision? Recently, this reporter visited the survey.

(public) most I do not know what the balloon filled with gas

On the afternoon of 22, Kaiyuan field within the community, a merchant took a bunch of balloons along the way to sell. Reporter goes forward to the consultation, the hydrogen balloon price from 5 yuan to 10 yuan, traders said which is filled with pure hydrogen, there is no danger. Introduce according to him, the Christmas is approaching, these days, one day can sell thirty or forty.

Subsequently, the reporter in Seoul Furong, Wanda Plaza, to randomly interviewed more than 20 people buy a hydrogen balloon. About the dangers of hydrogen balloon, more than 20 people have said should not be dangerous, and only two said clearly know that according to the relevant provisions should be filled with helium balloon.

The reporters found a wholesale hydrogen balloon shop in Youxian District, the staff is as a balloon filled with gas. The boss told reporters, filling is hydrogen. He said that all the hydrogen balloon businesses are so filled, heard the explosion. At the same time, he said, one bottle of 40 liters of hydrogen, the purchase price of only one thousand yuan, while the risk of low helium inert gas prices need to on 10 thousand yuan. If the helium, a balloon to sell thirty or forty dollars to go back to the.

Abstract: hydrogen balloon of potentially explosive expert

Department of chemistry, Southwest University of Science and Technology Institute of materials leaves the teacher said that ignited the fire or electric spark ignition are likely to ignite the hydrogen and oxygen gas mixture, and the winter air is dry, all kinds of clothes people wear friction electrification, electrostatic spark caused more, generating static electricity, it is possible to ignite the mixture gas, causing the explosion.

At the same time, hydrogen balloon is not pure hydrogen, but the hydrogen and oxygen mixed gas, this gas is safe under normal temperature and pressure, but if the mixed gas has reached ignition or ignition, it may cause the instantaneous explosion.

If the hydrogen oxygen mixed gas is ignited in a narrow space range, explosion probability will be much larger. Leaf teacher said, children play indoors than outdoors in a hydrogen balloon risk much higher. At the same time he warned, if the hydrogen gas inside the balloon too enough, the balloon burst under the action of external force generated by the rubber debris is also easy to play balloon children hurt. For safety reasons, best not to let the child play with balloons.

Abstract: could not find the complete supervision supervision department

According to the "balloon flying management measures" provisions of article seventeenth: gas storage and transportation and filling, recovering the balloon must strictly abide by the fire and dangerous chemicals safety usage and management of the relevant provisions. And the countries have banned the use of hydrogen filling with balloons. Requirements with inert gas to replace hydrogen and other inflammable and explosive gas as a filler such as helium balloons. But who to have oversight responsibilities?

The reporter consulted the Mianyang meteorological bureau chief Zhao Regulations Department told reporters that the main meteorological bureau of diameter greater than 1.8 meters or a volume greater than 3.2 cubic meters of hydrogen balloons to supervision, and small hand-held filling hydrogen balloon is not in its supervision scope, but he advised people cautious buy hydrogen balloon.

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